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24 definitions found for Peranema

Peranema belongs to:

Peranema consists of:
Peranema asperum
Peranema cryptocercum
Peranema cuneatum
Peranema curvicauda
Peranema cyathoides
Peranema deflexum
Peranema glabrum
Peranema granulifera
Peranema granuliferum
Peranema hyalinum
Peranema inflexum
Peranema kupfferi
Peranema limax
Peranema macromastix
Peranema nigrum
Peranema ovale
Peranema pleururum
Peranema pleururuma
Peranema sacculus
Peranema trichophorum
Peranema tricophorum
Peranema truncatum

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