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43 definitions found for Oxyna

Oxyna belongs to:

Oxyna consists of:
Oxyna achyrophori
Oxyna albipila
Oxyna albofasciata
Oxyna amurensis
Oxyna aterrima
Oxyna contingens
Oxyna diluta
Oxyna distincta
Oxyna dracunculi
Oxyna dracunculina
Oxyna fenestrata
Oxyna flavipennis
Oxyna fusca
Oxyna gansuica
Oxyna grandinata
Oxyna guttatofasciata
Oxyna guttella
Oxyna lauta
Oxyna lingens
Oxyna longicauda
Oxyna lutulenta
Oxyna maculata
Oxyna margaritifera
Oxyna martii
Oxyna menyuanica
Oxyna misella
Oxyna nasuta
Oxyna nebulosa
Oxyna obesa
Oxyna palpalis
Oxyna parietina
Oxyna parva
Oxyna pluvia
Oxyna pulla
Oxyna stackelbergi
Oxyna stenoptera
Oxyna superflava
Oxyna tarbagatajensis
Oxyna tianshanica
Oxyna utahensis
Oxyna variabilis

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