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84 definitions found for Omphalina

Omphalina belongs to:

Omphalina consists of:
Omphalina abhorrens
Omphalina abiegna
Omphalina acerosa
Omphalina alpina
Omphalina arctica
Omphalina asterospora
Omphalina atropuncta
Omphalina barbularum
Omphalina belliae
Omphalina bibula
Omphalina brevibasidiata
Omphalina brownii
Omphalina campanella
Omphalina chionophila
Omphalina chlorocyanea
Omphalina chromacea
Omphalina chrysophylla
Omphalina cupulata
Omphalina cupulatoides
Omphalina cyanophilla
Omphalina cyanophylla
Omphalina demissa
Omphalina ectypoides
Omphalina epichysium
Omphalina ericetorum
Omphalina euomphalos
Omphalina favrei
Omphalina fibula
Omphalina flava
Omphalina fulvopallens
Omphalina fusconigra
Omphalina galericolor
Omphalina gerardiana
Omphalina graveolens
Omphalina grisella
Omphalina griseopallida
Omphalina grossula
Omphalina hepatica
Omphalina hudsoniana
Omphalina icterina
Omphalina josserandii
Omphalina kuehneri
Omphalina lilacinicolor
Omphalina luteolilacina
Omphalina luteovitellina
Omphalina macrospora
Omphalina marchantiae
Omphalina maura
Omphalina muralis
Omphalina mutila
Omphalina obatra
Omphalina obscurata
Omphalina oniscus
Omphalina pararustica
Omphalina parvivelutina
Omphalina peltigerina
Omphalina philonotis
Omphalina picta
Omphalina postii
Omphalina pseudoandrosacea
Omphalina pseudogrisella
Omphalina pseudomuralis
Omphalina pyxidata
Omphalina rickenii
Omphalina rigidipes
Omphalina rivulicola
Omphalina rosella
Omphalina rustica
Omphalina setipes
Omphalina sphagnicola
Omphalina subhepatica
Omphalina swartzii
Omphalina tortilis
Omphalina umbellifera
Omphalina umbratilis
Omphalina velutina
Omphalina velutipes
Omphalina venustissima
Omphalina viridis
Omphalina wallacei
Omphalina wynniae

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