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27 definitions found for Nodulosphaeria

Nodulosphaeria belongs to:

Nodulosphaeria consists of:
Nodulosphaeria aquilana
Nodulosphaeria cadubriae
Nodulosphaeria centaureae
Nodulosphaeria cirsii
Nodulosphaeria culmifraga
Nodulosphaeria culmorum
Nodulosphaeria derasa
Nodulosphaeria dolioloides
Nodulosphaeria engadinensis
Nodulosphaeria epicalamia
Nodulosphaeria epilobii
Nodulosphaeria erythrospora
Nodulosphaeria fruticum
Nodulosphaeria haematites
Nodulosphaeria jaceae
Nodulosphaeria ladina
Nodulosphaeria mathieui
Nodulosphaeria modesta
Nodulosphaeria pellita
Nodulosphaeria robusta
Nodulosphaeria septemcellulata
Nodulosphaeria spectabilis
Nodulosphaeria ulnispora
Nodulosphaeria volkartii

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