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36 definitions found for Nesara

Nesara belongs to:

Nesara consists of:
Nesara albida
Nesara apicalis
Nesara caramina
Nesara casada
Nesara dacasa
Nesara dalceroides
Nesara drucei
Nesara duala
Nesara filamentosa
Nesara francesca
Nesara fuliginosa
Nesara fumata
Nesara fumicosta
Nesara gorgas
Nesara lasthenia
Nesara lauda
Nesara laurina
Nesara laxta
Nesara lemoulti
Nesara macerra
Nesara majorina
Nesara mita
Nesara niveipunctata
Nesara ocruma
Nesara oroyana
Nesara pallida
Nesara parva
Nesara patara
Nesara plagiata
Nesara plicistriga
Nesara poecila
Nesara quindiensis
Nesara robustior
Nesara tremula
Nesara turpis

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