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23 definitions found for Nectriopsis

Nectriopsis belongs to:

Nectriopsis consists of:
Nectriopsis aureonitens
Nectriopsis bactridioides
Nectriopsis berkeleyana
Nectriopsis broomeana
Nectriopsis candicans
Nectriopsis exigua
Nectriopsis indigens
Nectriopsis lecanodes
Nectriopsis microthecia
Nectriopsis muscivora
Nectriopsis oropensoides
Nectriopsis parmeliae
Nectriopsis rubefaciens
Nectriopsis sasae
Nectriopsis solani
Nectriopsis sporangiicola
Nectriopsis squamulosa
Nectriopsis tremellicola
Nectriopsis tubariicola
Nectriopsis violacea

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