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73 definitions found for Microsternus

Microsternus belongs to:

Microsternus consists of:
Microsternus acutus
Microsternus affinis
Microsternus amatus
Microsternus amaurodes
Microsternus angulatus
Microsternus basilis
Microsternus bicolor
Microsternus blackburni
Microsternus blackburnoides
Microsternus carinatus
Microsternus cognatus
Microsternus debilis
Microsternus denudatus
Microsternus dimidiatus
Microsternus discolor
Microsternus dubiosus
Microsternus duplex
Microsternus elongatulus
Microsternus epichrysus
Microsternus euceras
Microsternus eutheorus
Microsternus excelsoir
Microsternus eximius
Microsternus fractus
Microsternus frigidus
Microsternus glabripennis
Microsternus hawaiiensis
Microsternus hirsutulus
Microsternus hypocoelus
Microsternus ignotus
Microsternus irregularis
Microsternus kauaiensis
Microsternus konanus
Microsternus laevis
Microsternus laniensis
Microsternus latifrons
Microsternus lugubris
Microsternus marginatus
Microsternus maurus
Microsternus molokaiensis
Microsternus montanus
Microsternus muticus
Microsternus nigrocastaneus
Microsternus obscurus
Microsternus oculatus
Microsternus pallidicornis
Microsternus parcus
Microsternus parvulus
Microsternus peles
Microsternus plebeius
Microsternus punctatissimus
Microsternus punctatus
Microsternus pusillus
Microsternus pyrophilus
Microsternus rufescens
Microsternus rugipennis
Microsternus sculptus
Microsternus simplex
Microsternus solidus
Microsternus solitarius
Microsternus sordidus
Microsternus stenarthus
Microsternus subparcus
Microsternus testaceus
Microsternus tetragonus
Microsternus tristis
Microsternus ulkei
Microsternus varicolor
Microsternus varius
Microsternus vestitus
Microsternus xanthostictus

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