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33 definitions found for Metasphenisca

Metasphenisca belongs to:

Metasphenisca consists of:
Metasphenisca angulicornis
Metasphenisca atricomata
Metasphenisca axilatra
Metasphenisca bezziana
Metasphenisca bifaria
Metasphenisca caeca
Metasphenisca discocephala
Metasphenisca frondifer
Metasphenisca ghenti
Metasphenisca gracilipes
Metasphenisca grandidieri
Metasphenisca haematopoda
Metasphenisca hazelae
Metasphenisca interrupta
Metasphenisca longulior
Metasphenisca marmorea
Metasphenisca micrura
Metasphenisca negeviana
Metasphenisca nigricans
Metasphenisca nigricosta
Metasphenisca nigriseta
Metasphenisca pallidifemur
Metasphenisca parallela
Metasphenisca parilis
Metasphenisca quinquemaculata
Metasphenisca reinhardi
Metasphenisca rubida
Metasphenisca spathuliniforma
Metasphenisca spathuliniforme
Metasphenisca tetrachaeta
Metasphenisca transilis
Metasphenisca zernyi

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