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48 definitions found for Macrosporium

Macrosporium belongs to:

Macrosporium consists of:
Macrosporium aterrimum
Macrosporium brassicae
Macrosporium caricinum
Macrosporium carotae
Macrosporium carthami
Macrosporium cavarae
Macrosporium cheiranthi
Macrosporium cichorii
Macrosporium circinans
Macrosporium commune
Macrosporium concinnum
Macrosporium consortiale
Macrosporium cucumerinum
Macrosporium daturae
Macrosporium dauci
Macrosporium daucinum
Macrosporium delicatulum
Macrosporium dianthi
Macrosporium euphorbiae
Macrosporium fallax
Macrosporium fasciculatum
Macrosporium globuliferum
Macrosporium gossypinum
Macrosporium herculeum
Macrosporium heteroschemon
Macrosporium longipes
Macrosporium macrosporum
Macrosporium melophthorum
Macrosporium parasiticum
Macrosporium porri
Macrosporium ramulosum
Macrosporium rhabdiferum
Macrosporium rhapontici
Macrosporium ricini
Macrosporium sarciniforme
Macrosporium sarcinula
Macrosporium septosporum
Macrosporium sesami
Macrosporium solani
Macrosporium tenuissimum
Macrosporium tomato
Macrosporium vesicarium
Macrosporium vitis

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