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23 definitions found for Macromphalia

Macromphalia belongs to:

Macromphalia consists of:
Macromphalia affinis
Macromphalia ancilla
Macromphalia canescens
Macromphalia catharina
Macromphalia chilensis
Macromphalia dedecora
Macromphalia deficiens
Macromphalia felispardalis
Macromphalia hypoleuca
Macromphalia lojanensis
Macromphalia nigrofasciata
Macromphalia nitida
Macromphalia oehrensi
Macromphalia purissima
Macromphalia quindiensis
Macromphalia rivularis
Macromphalia rubiginea
Macromphalia rubrogrisea
Macromphalia rufa
Macromphalia rustica
Macromphalia spadix
Macromphalia valdiviensis

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