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29 definitions found for Leucula

Leucula belongs to:

Leucula consists of:
Leucula ablinearia
Leucula admota
Leucula astigma
Leucula avitta
Leucula blancaria
Leucula cachiaria
Leucula cillenaria
Leucula circumdata
Leucula distans
Leucula empusaria
Leucula festiva
Leucula flavilinguaria
Leucula fuscicosta
Leucula impositoria
Leucula lino
Leucula lucidaria
Leucula meganira
Leucula nana
Leucula orates
Leucula planivena
Leucula rasa
Leucula sigillata
Leucula simplicaria
Leucula sublucidaria
Leucula tinctaria
Leucula tiresiaria
Leucula toxulca
Leucula velutina

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