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76 definitions found for Larentia

Larentia belongs to:

Larentia consists of:
Larentia adonata
Larentia adonis
Larentia aegrota
Larentia aganopis
Larentia albalineata
Larentia albifiliata
Larentia albilineata
Larentia apicata
Larentia approximata
Larentia baliata
Larentia beata
Larentia benedicta
Larentia berberina
Larentia bulbulata
Larentia carolata
Larentia cervinata
Larentia cheimatobiata
Larentia chlamydota
Larentia cinerearia
Larentia clavaria
Larentia danae
Larentia dascia
Larentia datinaria
Larentia delicatulata
Larentia diffusaria
Larentia dionysias
Larentia dionysius
Larentia edentata
Larentia edmondsii
Larentia epicrossa
Larentia erasta
Larentia eupitheciaria
Larentia exoriens
Larentia extensata
Larentia farinata
Larentia fasciarial
Larentia feliciaria
Larentia fumosata
Larentia hebes
Larentia hemichlorata
Larentia horismeata
Larentia imperfecta
Larentia incandescens
Larentia indiscriminata
Larentia infusata
Larentia inoperata
Larentia invexata
Larentia irma
Larentia limonodes
Larentia lineolaria
Larentia lophogramma
Larentia macerata
Larentia nisseni
Larentia obscurior
Larentia omphacina
Larentia oraria
Larentia oribates
Larentia orophyla
Larentia pallidata
Larentia petrodes
Larentia philpotti
Larentia planicolor
Larentia prasinias
Larentia profugaria
Larentia recta
Larentia saisanica
Larentia scarata
Larentia semifissata
Larentia sericodes
Larentia stenotaenia
Larentia subgaliata
Larentia tangens
Larentia tenuis
Larentia xanthospila
Larentia ypsilonaria

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