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22 definitions found for Lamprospora

Lamprospora belongs to:

Lamprospora consists of:
Lamprospora amethystina
Lamprospora annulata
Lamprospora astroidea
Lamprospora campylopodis
Lamprospora carbonicola
Lamprospora cinnabarina
Lamprospora constellatio
Lamprospora crechqueraultii
Lamprospora crouanii
Lamprospora dicranellae
Lamprospora dictydiola
Lamprospora faroensis
Lamprospora fulgens
Lamprospora laetirubra
Lamprospora lobata
Lamprospora miniata
Lamprospora minuta
Lamprospora modesta
Lamprospora polytrichi
Lamprospora seaveri
Lamprospora wrightii

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