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44 definitions found for Labedera

Labedera belongs to:

Labedera consists of:
Labedera alma
Labedera angala
Labedera angustipennis
Labedera argentata
Labedera arpiana
Labedera avita
Labedera bella
Labedera butleri
Labedera cain
Labedera cervina
Labedera cinerascens
Labedera everildis
Labedera fraternans
Labedera fumida
Labedera fuscicaudata
Labedera gracilis
Labedera guthagon
Labedera hirta
Labedera hirtipes
Labedera infernalis
Labedera jamaicensis
Labedera levana
Labedera lusciosa
Labedera manoba
Labedera maura
Labedera melini
Labedera mexicana
Labedera nigra
Labedera nigrescens
Labedera nigricolor
Labedera noctilux
Labedera opalina
Labedera pallida
Labedera plurilinea
Labedera primitiva
Labedera proxima
Labedera rivulosa
Labedera romani
Labedera sublucana
Labedera synoecura
Labedera taruda
Labedera trilinea
Labedera vitgreus

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