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32 definitions found for Hypostena

Hypostena belongs to:

Hypostena consists of:
Hypostena aenea
Hypostena alberta
Hypostena albocingulata
Hypostena barbata
Hypostena concinna
Hypostena cylindriventris
Hypostena degeerioides
Hypostena deplanata
Hypostena elegans
Hypostena flaveola
Hypostena gilvipes
Hypostena grisea
Hypostena immunda
Hypostena impatiens
Hypostena maculosa
Hypostena maritima
Hypostena minima
Hypostena nubilosa
Hypostena obumbrata
Hypostena ouelleti
Hypostena pilosa
Hypostena pubiseta
Hypostena pusilla
Hypostena quadristriata
Hypostena setinervis
Hypostena strigosa
Hypostena turbinata
Hypostena umbripennis
Hypostena variabilis
Hypostena vexans
Hypostena vittigera

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