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65 definitions found for Hypomyces

Hypomyces belongs to:

Hypomyces consists of:
Hypomyces asterophorus
Hypomyces aurantius
Hypomyces aureonitens
Hypomyces australis
Hypomyces baryanus
Hypomyces berkeleyanus
Hypomyces broomeanus
Hypomyces cancri
Hypomyces candicans
Hypomyces cervinus
Hypomyces chlorinigenus
Hypomyces chlorinus
Hypomyces chrysospermus
Hypomyces chrysostomus
Hypomyces citrinellus
Hypomyces dactylarioides
Hypomyces decipiens
Hypomyces exiguus
Hypomyces fulgens
Hypomyces fulvus
Hypomyces haematococcus
Hypomyces hyalinus
Hypomyces ipomoeae
Hypomyces lanceolatus
Hypomyces lateritius
Hypomyces leptosphaeriae
Hypomyces linkii
Hypomyces lithuanicus
Hypomyces luteovirens
Hypomyces miliarius
Hypomyces moellerianus
Hypomyces ochraceus
Hypomyces papulasporae
Hypomyces perniciosus
Hypomyces petchii
Hypomyces polyporinus
Hypomyces porotheliiformis
Hypomyces pseudopolyporinus
Hypomyces puertoricensis
Hypomyces rosellus
Hypomyces roseus
Hypomyces rubi
Hypomyces semitranslucens
Hypomyces solani
Hypomyces spadiceus
Hypomyces stephanomatis
Hypomyces stilbiger
Hypomyces subiculosa
Hypomyces subiculosus
Hypomyces sympodiophorus
Hypomyces terrestris
Hypomyces torminosus
Hypomyces tremellicola
Hypomyces trichothecioides
Hypomyces tuberosus
Hypomyces tulasneanus
Hypomyces violacea
Hypomyces violaceus
Hypomyces viridigriseus
Hypomyces viridis

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