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75 definitions found for Hypocrea

Hypocrea belongs to:

Hypocrea consists of:
Hypocrea alutacea
Hypocrea argillacea
Hypocrea atramentosa
Hypocrea atrogelatinosa
Hypocrea aurantia
Hypocrea aureoviridis
Hypocrea berggrenii
Hypocrea ceramica
Hypocrea citrina
Hypocrea citrinella
Hypocrea contorta
Hypocrea cornea
Hypocrea cupularis
Hypocrea dacrymycella
Hypocrea delicatula
Hypocrea dichromospora
Hypocrea farinosa
Hypocrea floccosa
Hypocrea fulva
Hypocrea fungicola
Hypocrea gelatinosa
Hypocrea hunua
Hypocrea impressa
Hypocrea inclusa
Hypocrea jecorina
Hypocrea lactea
Hypocrea lenta
Hypocrea leptogiicola
Hypocrea lutea
Hypocrea luteovirens
Hypocrea moriformis
Hypocrea muroiana
Hypocrea myrmecophila
Hypocrea nigricans
Hypocrea pallida
Hypocrea parmelioides
Hypocrea pezizoides
Hypocrea pilulifera
Hypocrea placentula
Hypocrea poronioidea
Hypocrea protopulvinata
Hypocrea psychrophila
Hypocrea puiggariana
Hypocrea pulchra
Hypocrea pulvinata
Hypocrea riccioidea
Hypocrea rigens
Hypocrea rufa
Hypocrea schweinitzii
Hypocrea semiorbis
Hypocrea solmsii
Hypocrea spinulosa
Hypocrea splendens
Hypocrea stipata
Hypocrea strobilina
Hypocrea subsplendens
Hypocrea subtrachycarpa
Hypocrea sulfurea
Hypocrea tawa
Hypocrea trachycarpa
Hypocrea tremellicola
Hypocrea tremelloides
Hypocrea tuberculariformis
Hypocrea tuberculata
Hypocrea tuberiformis
Hypocrea typhina
Hypocrea viscidula
Hypocrea vitalbae

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