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20 definitions found for Hydropisphaera

Hydropisphaera belongs to:

Hydropisphaera consists of:
Hydropisphaera arenula
Hydropisphaera arenuloides
Hydropisphaera boothii
Hydropisphaera cyatheae
Hydropisphaera dolichospora
Hydropisphaera erubescens
Hydropisphaera gigantea
Hydropisphaera haematites
Hydropisphaera hypoxantha
Hydropisphaera leucotricha
Hydropisphaera macrarenula
Hydropisphaera multiloculata
Hydropisphaera multiseptata
Hydropisphaera nymaniana
Hydropisphaera pachyderma
Hydropisphaera peziza
Hydropisphaera rufofusca
Hydropisphaera suffulta

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