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119 definitions found for Humaria

Humaria belongs to:

Humaria consists of:
Humaria aggregata
Humaria albospadicea
Humaria alpina
Humaria arenosa
Humaria argillacea
Humaria aurorea
Humaria axillaris
Humaria bella
Humaria boudieri
Humaria bovina
Humaria buxea
Humaria callichroa
Humaria carbonigena
Humaria carneola
Humaria carneosanguinea
Humaria cervaria
Humaria cestrica
Humaria chateri
Humaria coccinea
Humaria congrex
Humaria convexula
Humaria coprinaria
Humaria crechqueraultii
Humaria crucipila
Humaria deerrata
Humaria deformis
Humaria depressa
Humaria domestica
Humaria epixyla
Humaria erinacea
Humaria exidiiformis
Humaria fimeti
Humaria flavorubens
Humaria foliicola
Humaria fusispora
Humaria gerardii
Humaria glauca
Humaria globosopulvinata
Humaria glumarum
Humaria granulata
Humaria granulosa
Humaria haemastigma
Humaria hemisphaerica
Humaria hemisphaerioides
Humaria hepatica
Humaria humosa
Humaria ignea
Humaria ithacaensis
Humaria jungermanniae
Humaria keithii
Humaria lecithina
Humaria leporum
Humaria leucoloma
Humaria leucolomoides
Humaria lilacina
Humaria luteola
Humaria luteopallens
Humaria macrocystis
Humaria macrospora
Humaria maurilabra
Humaria melaloma
Humaria melina
Humaria merdaria
Humaria miniata
Humaria misturae
Humaria myrothecioides
Humaria nicholsonii
Humaria nitida
Humaria olivacea
Humaria ollaris
Humaria omphalodes
Humaria oocardii
Humaria ovalispora
Humaria persoonii var. amethystina
Humaria phillipsii
Humaria phyllogena
Humaria piggotii
Humaria pilifera
Humaria pinetorum
Humaria purpurascens
Humaria roumeguerei
Humaria rubens
Humaria rustica
Humaria rutilans
Humaria salmonicolor
Humaria semi-immersa
Humaria setosa
Humaria sowerbyi
Humaria subfusca
Humaria subhirsuta
Humaria sublivida
Humaria sublutea
Humaria sulphurata
Humaria tenuis
Humaria testacea
Humaria tetraspora
Humaria theioleuca
Humaria theleboloides
Humaria turbinata
Humaria umbrorum
Humaria uncinata
Humaria varia
Humaria violacea
Humaria violascens
Humaria viridaria
Humaria vitellina
Humaria vivida
Humaria waterstonii
Humaria woolhopeia
Humaria wrightii
Humaria xanthomela

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