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32 definitions found for Heteronema

Heteronema belongs to:

Heteronema consists of:
Heteronema abruptum
Heteronema acus
Heteronema acutissimum
Heteronema andersoniana
Heteronema borealis
Heteronema cryptocercum
Heteronema diaphanum
Heteronema discomorphum
Heteronema erecta
Heteronema globiferum
Heteronema globuliferum
Heteronema hexagonium
Heteronema hexagonum
Heteronema japonica
Heteronema klebsii
Heteronema leptosomum
Heteronema medusae
Heteronema mutabile
Heteronema nebulosum
Heteronema nodusgordii
Heteronema ovale
Heteronema polymorphum
Heteronema proteus
Heteronema sacculus
Heteronema scaphurum
Heteronema spirale
Heteronema tortuosum
Heteronema tremulum
Heteronema trispira

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