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200 definitions found for Helix

Helix belongs to:

Helix consists of:
Helix agnewi
Helix albanensis
Helix albumenoidea
Helix allporti
Helix ammonitoides
Helix andersoni
Helix angasiana
Helix antialba
Helix aperta
Helix appendiculata
Helix architectonica
Helix arenicola
Helix aridorum
Helix arthuriana
Helix aspersa
Helix assimilans
Helix assimilis
Helix atkinsoni
Helix aureedensis
Helix austrinus
Helix bala
Helix balli
Helix balmei
Helix banneri
Helix barnardensis
Helix barneyi
Helix barrenensis
Helix basalis
Helix basiodon
Helix bassi
Helix bathurstensis
Helix baudinensis
Helix bayensis
Helix bebias
Helix beddomae
Helix beddomei
Helix bednalli
Helix bellendenkerensis
Helix bellengerensis
Helix belli
Helix bellingenensis
Helix bennetti
Helix bidwilli
Helix bipartita
Helix bischoffensis
Helix bitaeniata
Helix blackalli
Helix blackmani
Helix blomfieldi
Helix bombycina
Helix bordaensis
Helix bourkensis
Helix brazieri
Helix brevipila
Helix broughami
Helix brunonia
Helix bulimus
Helix bullacea
Helix burnerensis
Helix buttoni
Helix buxtoni
Helix cailleti
Helix calculosa
Helix camillae
Helix campbellii
Helix capillacea
Helix capucinus
Helix caputspinulae
Helix carcharias
Helix cassandra
Helix catletti
Helix cerata
Helix cerea
Helix challisi
Helix circumcincta
Helix clarencensis
Helix coarctata
Helix cochlidium
Helix coepta
Helix coesus
Helix collingii
Helix collisi
Helix confusa
Helix conoidea
Helix conscendens
Helix convicta
Helix cookensis
Helix coriaria
Helix corneovirens
Helix corneus
Helix corticicola
Helix costulata
Helix coxenae
Helix coxeni
Helix coxi
Helix creedi
Helix croftoni
Helix crotali
Helix cunninghami
Helix cupreus
Helix curacoae
Helix curtisiana
Helix cyclostoma
Helix cygnea
Helix cyrtopleura
Helix daintreei
Helix dandenongensis
Helix darnleyensis
Helix darwini
Helix daveyensis
Helix delessertiana
Helix delta
Helix dentoni
Helix derbyana
Helix derbyi
Helix derelicta
Helix diemenensis
Helix discors
Helix dispar
Helix doliolum
Helix dringi
Helix dryanderensis
Helix dubitans
Helix ducani
Helix dunkiensis
Helix dupuyana
Helix duralensis
Helix dyeri
Helix edwardsi
Helix elachystoma
Helix elderi
Helix elleryi
Helix endeavourensis
Helix etheridgei
Helix evandaleana
Helix everardensis
Helix exagitans
Helix exocarpi
Helix exoptata
Helix expeditionis
Helix eyrei
Helix fenestrata
Helix fernshawensis
Helix flindersi
Helix floodi
Helix flosculus
Helix fodinalis
Helix forbesii
Helix fordei
Helix forsteriana
Helix franklandiensis
Helix fraseri
Helix fucata
Helix fulgetrum
Helix funiculata
Helix paradoxa
Helix parsoni
Helix parvissimia
Helix pascoei
Helix patescens
Helix patruelis
Helix pelodes
Helix penolensis
Helix perinflata
Helix petterdi
Helix petterdiana
Helix pexa
Helix phillipii
Helix phillipsiana
Helix pictilis
Helix planibasis
Helix plectilis
Helix plexus
Helix poiretiana
Helix pomatia
Helix pomum
Helix porteri
Helix praetermissi
Helix prudhoensis
Helix prunum
Helix pseudomeadei
Helix ptychomphala
Helix pudibunda
Helix pupa
Helix quaestiosa
Helix quintalae
Helix rainbirdi
Helix ramsayi
Helix ramsgatensis

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