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34 definitions found for Gymnosoma

Gymnosoma belongs to:

Gymnosoma consists of:
Gymnosoma acrosterni
Gymnosoma agchista
Gymnosoma amplifrons
Gymnosoma brachypeltae
Gymnosoma brevicorne
Gymnosoma canadense
Gymnosoma carpocoridis
Gymnosoma dolycoridis
Gymnosoma dubia
Gymnosoma filiola
Gymnosoma fuliginosum
Gymnosoma fuscohalteratum
Gymnosoma hamiensis
Gymnosoma indicum
Gymnosoma inornata
Gymnosoma latifrons
Gymnosoma latreillii
Gymnosoma maxima
Gymnosoma meridionalis
Gymnosoma microcera
Gymnosoma minuta
Gymnosoma neotropicale
Gymnosoma nitens
Gymnosoma nudifrons
Gymnosoma obliqua
Gymnosoma occidentale
Gymnosoma occidua
Gymnosoma orientalis
Gymnosoma par
Gymnosoma sicula
Gymnosoma sylvatica
Gymnosoma ventricosum

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