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25 definitions found for Gnopharmia

Gnopharmia belongs to:

Gnopharmia consists of:
Gnopharmia afghanistana
Gnopharmia cataleucaria
Gnopharmia cocandaria
Gnopharmia colchidaria
Gnopharmia degeneraria
Gnopharmia eberti
Gnopharmia erema
Gnopharmia horhammeri
Gnopharmia illustris
Gnopharmia inermis
Gnopharmia irakensis
Gnopharmia kasrunensis
Gnopharmia kasyi
Gnopharmia lapidisaria
Gnopharmia luxuriosa
Gnopharmia maculifera
Gnopharmia melanotaenia
Gnopharmia objectaria
Gnopharmia rubraria
Gnopharmia sarobiana
Gnopharmia sinesefida
Gnopharmia stevenaria
Gnopharmia subrubraria
Gnopharmia vartianae

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