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52 definitions found for Glaucina

Glaucina belongs to:

Glaucina consists of:
Glaucina abdominalis
Glaucina albata
Glaucina albidaria
Glaucina alboceptata
Glaucina ampla
Glaucina anomala
Glaucina baea
Glaucina biartata
Glaucina bifida
Glaucina bilineata
Glaucina cilla
Glaucina dispersa
Glaucina elongata
Glaucina epiphysaria
Glaucina erroraria
Glaucina escaria
Glaucina escariola
Glaucina eupetheciaria
Glaucina foeminaria
Glaucina gertschi
Glaucina golgolata
Glaucina gonia
Glaucina ignavaria
Glaucina indistincta
Glaucina infumataria
Glaucina interruptaria
Glaucina jemezata
Glaucina lowensis
Glaucina loxa
Glaucina lucida
Glaucina macdunnoughi
Glaucina magnifica
Glaucina mayelisaria
Glaucina microgonia
Glaucina mormonaria
Glaucina nephos
Glaucina obscura
Glaucina ochrofuscaria
Glaucina osiana
Glaucina ouden
Glaucina panda
Glaucina pearsalli
Glaucina platia
Glaucina puellaria
Glaucina pygmeolaria
Glaucina semidura
Glaucina spaldingata
Glaucina spina
Glaucina tuconensis
Glaucina ugartei
Glaucina utahensis

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