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38 definitions found for Geometra

Geometra belongs to:

Geometra consists of:
Geometra alba
Geometra albopunctata
Geometra albovenaria
Geometra cuneata
Geometra deleta
Geometra dieckmanni
Geometra diffluata
Geometra dioptasaria
Geometra euryagyia
Geometra flavifrontaria
Geometra fragilis
Geometra glaucaria
Geometra herbacearia
Geometra herbeus
Geometra latirigua
Geometra lutescens
Geometra mandarinaria
Geometra mutans
Geometra obsoleta
Geometra ovalis
Geometra papilionaria
Geometra prasinaria
Geometra pratti
Geometra promissaria
Geometra purissima
Geometra rana
Geometra sigaria
Geometra sinoisaria
Geometra smaragdus
Geometra sponsaria
Geometra subcaerulescens
Geometra subobsoleta
Geometra subrigua
Geometra symaria
Geometra usitata
Geometra ussuriensis
Geometra valida

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