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37 definitions found for Galearia

Galearia belongs to:

Galearia consists of:
Galearia affinis
Galearia angustifolia
Galearia aristifera
Galearia bonannii
Galearia caudata
Galearia celebica
Galearia dolichobotrys
Galearia dongnaiensis
Galearia elliptica
Galearia filiformis
Galearia finlaysoniana
Galearia fragifera
Galearia fulva
Galearia fusca
Galearia helferi
Galearia jackiana
Galearia lancifolia
Galearia leptostachya
Galearia lindlaeana
Galearia maingayi
Galearia minor
Galearia pedicellata
Galearia philippinensis
Galearia phlebocarpa
Galearia resupinata
Galearia ridleyi
Galearia sessiliflora
Galearia sessilis
Galearia splendens
Galearia stenophylla
Galearia subulata
Galearia sumatrana
Galearia tomentosa
Galearia tumens
Galearia wallichii

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