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60 definitions found for Galactinia

Galactinia belongs to:

Galactinia consists of:
Galactinia adae
Galactinia amethystina
Galactinia ampelina
Galactinia ampliata
Galactinia apiculata
Galactinia asterigma
Galactinia atrovinosa
Galactinia aurata
Galactinia auriformis
Galactinia badia
Galactinia badioconfusa
Galactinia badiofusca
Galactinia boltonii
Galactinia brunneoatra
Galactinia buxea
Galactinia castanea var. limosa
Galactinia celtica
Galactinia cerea
Galactinia domiciliana
Galactinia echinospora
Galactinia fimeti
Galactinia gerardii
Galactinia granulosa
Galactinia hortensis
Galactinia howsei
Galactinia indiscreta
Galactinia ionella
Galactinia isabellina
Galactinia leiocarpa
Galactinia limosa
Galactinia lividula
Galactinia macrospora
Galactinia michelii
Galactinia micropus
Galactinia moravecii
Galactinia muricata
Galactinia olivacea
Galactinia petersii
Galactinia phillipsii
Galactinia plebeia
Galactinia pleurota
Galactinia praetervisa
Galactinia proteana
Galactinia pustulata
Galactinia recedens
Galactinia saniosa
Galactinia sarrazini
Galactinia sepiatra
Galactinia sterigmatizans
Galactinia subisabellina
Galactinia succosa
Galactinia succosella
Galactinia sylvestris
Galactinia tectoria
Galactinia trachycarpa
Galactinia varia
Galactinia vesiculosa
Galactinia violacea

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