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27 definitions found for Eucrostes

Eucrostes belongs to:

Eucrostes consists of:
Eucrostes albicornaria
Eucrostes astigmatica
Eucrostes barnardae
Eucrostes beatificata
Eucrostes disparata
Eucrostes divincta
Eucrostes dominicaria
Eucrostes euryxantha
Eucrostes fimbriolaria
Eucrostes indigenata
Eucrostes insularis
Eucrostes iocentra
Eucrostes lilliputaria
Eucrostes nanula
Eucrostes nudilimbaria
Eucrostes pallida
Eucrostes parvulata
Eucrostes pulchra
Eucrostes pygmaea
Eucrostes rhodophthalma
Eucrostes roseata
Eucrostes rubridisca
Eucrostes rufociliaria
Eucrostes simonyi
Eucrostes solivaga
Eucrostes virginalis

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