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33 definitions found for Ergavia

Ergavia belongs to:

Ergavia consists of:
Ergavia athalia
Ergavia benesignata
Ergavia biangulata
Ergavia bogotaria
Ergavia brunnea
Ergavia burrowsi
Ergavia carinata
Ergavia carinenta
Ergavia carinentaria
Ergavia costimaculata
Ergavia diphora
Ergavia divecta
Ergavia drucei
Ergavia endeoasta
Ergavia eris
Ergavia exstantilinea
Ergavia illineata
Ergavia leopoldina
Ergavia liraria
Ergavia meroparia
Ergavia meropidaria
Ergavia merops
Ergavia morbida
Ergavia obliterata
Ergavia oenobapta
Ergavia piercei
Ergavia repleta
Ergavia roseivena
Ergavia stigmaria
Ergavia subrufa
Ergavia torva
Ergavia venturii

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