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28 definitions found for Endophragmia

Endophragmia belongs to:

Endophragmia consists of:
Endophragmia alternata
Endophragmia atra
Endophragmia australiensis
Endophragmia biseptata
Endophragmia boewei
Endophragmia boothii
Endophragmia catenulata
Endophragmia cesatii
Endophragmia coronata
Endophragmia cuneiformis
Endophragmia dennisii
Endophragmia dimorphospora
Endophragmia elliptica
Endophragmia glanduliformis
Endophragmia hyalosperma
Endophragmia laxa
Endophragmia microaquatica
Endophragmia nannfeldtii
Endophragmia parva
Endophragmia pinicola
Endophragmia prolifera
Endophragmia stemphylioides
Endophragmia taxi
Endophragmia triseptata
Endophragmia uniseptata
Endophragmia verruculosa

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