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119 definitions found for Diplodia

Diplodia belongs to:

Diplodia consists of:
Diplodia acicola
Diplodia ailanthina f. anglica
Diplodia alni
Diplodia amphisphaerioides
Diplodia ananassae
Diplodia arbuticola
Diplodia buxi
Diplodia cacaoicola
Diplodia caespitosa
Diplodia cajani
Diplodia celtidis
Diplodia circinans
Diplodia confluens
Diplodia conigena
Diplodia consors
Diplodia conspersa
Diplodia coryli
Diplodia cowdellii
Diplodia crataegi
Diplodia cyanogena
Diplodia cydoniae
Diplodia deflectans
Diplodia deformis
Diplodia faginea
Diplodia fibricola
Diplodia fraxini
Diplodia galii
Diplodia gossypina
Diplodia graminea
Diplodia griffonii
Diplodia hederae
Diplodia hedericola
Diplodia henriquesii
Diplodia herbarum
Diplodia hyalospora
Diplodia ilicicola
Diplodia inquinans
Diplodia juglandicola
Diplodia juglandis
Diplodia lantanae
Diplodia laurina
Diplodia ligustri
Diplodia lonicerae
Diplodia macrospora
Diplodia magnoliae
Diplodia malorum
Diplodia mamillana
Diplodia maydicola
Diplodia maydis
Diplodia medicaginis
Diplodia melaena
Diplodia microsporella
Diplodia minuta
Diplodia mutila
Diplodia myriospora
Diplodia natalensis
Diplodia oleae
Diplodia opuli
Diplodia orae-maris
Diplodia oraemaris
Diplodia palmarum
Diplodia palmicola
Diplodia parmeliae
Diplodia paupercula
Diplodia perpusilla
Diplodia phoenicum
Diplodia pinastri
Diplodia pinea
Diplodia pittospori
Diplodia pittospororum
Diplodia platanicola
Diplodia populina
Diplodia pruni
Diplodia pyrenophora
Diplodia quercina
Diplodia quercus
Diplodia ramulicola
Diplodia rhamni
Diplodia rhododendri
Diplodia ribis
Diplodia ricinicola
Diplodia rosarum
Diplodia roumeguerei
Diplodia rubi
Diplodia rudis
Diplodia rusci var. macrospora
Diplodia saccardiana
Diplodia salicina
Diplodia salicorniae
Diplodia samararum
Diplodia sambucina
Diplodia sapinea
Diplodia sarmentorum
Diplodia sarothamni
Diplodia spegazzinia
Diplodia subtecta
Diplodia sycina
Diplodia syringae
Diplodia taxi
Diplodia tecta
Diplodia theobromae
Diplodia tiliae
Diplodia tubericola
Diplodia ulicis
Diplodia viciae
Diplodia vitalbae
Diplodia viticola
Diplodia vulgaris
Diplodia warburgiana
Diplodia zeae
Diplodia zeae-maydis

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