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29 definitions found for Dialonectria

Dialonectria belongs to:

Dialonectria consists of:
Dialonectria affinis
Dialonectria applanata
Dialonectria arenula
Dialonectria aurea
Dialonectria bloxamii
Dialonectria brassicae
Dialonectria cerea
Dialonectria desmazieri
Dialonectria episphaeria
Dialonectria fibricola
Dialonectria flammeola
Dialonectria galligena
Dialonectria graminicola
Dialonectria helminthicola
Dialonectria lecanodes
Dialonectria muscivora
Dialonectria ochraceopallida
Dialonectria peziza
Dialonectria platasca
Dialonectria plowrightiana
Dialonectria sanguinea
Dialonectria squamulosa
Dialonectria truncata
Dialonectria veuillotiana
Dialonectria vulpina
Dialonectria wegeliniana

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