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30 definitions found for Decetia

Decetia belongs to:

Decetia consists of:
Decetia accipiteraria
Decetia arenosa
Decetia argentilinearia
Decetia bilineata
Decetia capetusaria
Decetia chalybeata
Decetia circulitaria
Decetia dichromata
Decetia fuscibrunnea
Decetia hypopyrata
Decetia insignis
Decetia lilacinaria
Decetia lunuliferata
Decetia minimaria
Decetia moestaria
Decetia numicusaria
Decetia numicusarioides
Decetia occidentalis
Decetia pallida
Decetia pallidaria
Decetia perdensata
Decetia posticata
Decetia sinelinea
Decetia subobscurata
Decetia tinctaria
Decetia torridaria
Decetia uniformis
Decetia unilineata
Decetia violacearia

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