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200 definitions found for Dacus

Dacus belongs to:

Dacus consists of:
Dacus abbabae
Dacus abbreviatus
Dacus abditus
Dacus abdoangustus
Dacus abdofuscatus
Dacus abdolonginquus
Dacus abdonigellus
Dacus abdopallescens
Dacus aberrans
Dacus abnormis
Dacus absconditus
Dacus absolutus
Dacus absonifacies
Dacus acroleucus
Dacus aculeus
Dacus addens
Dacus adenae
Dacus adenionis
Dacus adustus
Dacus aenea
Dacus aenigmaticus
Dacus aequalis
Dacus aeroginosus
Dacus aethriobasis
Dacus affinidorsalis
Dacus affinis
Dacus africanus
Dacus alarifumidus
Dacus albistrigatus
Dacus allwoodi
Dacus alulapictus
Dacus amberiens
Dacus ambliquus
Dacus ambonensis
Dacus amoenus
Dacus amphoratus
Dacus amplus
Dacus ancisus
Dacus andamanensis
Dacus andriae
Dacus aneuvittatus
Dacus angustifinis
Dacus annulatus
Dacus anomalus
Dacus anthracinus
Dacus antigone
Dacus apicalis
Dacus apostata
Dacus apoxanthus
Dacus aptatus
Dacus aquilus
Dacus arcuatus
Dacus arecae
Dacus areolatus
Dacus armatus
Dacus ascitus
Dacus asclepiadens
Dacus aspiciens
Dacus aspilus
Dacus aterrimus
Dacus atra
Dacus atrimarginatus
Dacus attenuatus
Dacus aurantiacus
Dacus axanthinus
Dacus axanus
Dacus badius
Dacus bakingiliensis
Dacus bannatus
Dacus basifasciatus
Dacus beckerae
Dacus bellulus
Dacus bequaerti
Dacus biarcuatus
Dacus bidens
Dacus bifasciatus
Dacus bigemmatus
Dacus bilineatus
Dacus binotatus
Dacus bioculatus
Dacus bispinosus
Dacus bistrigatus
Dacus bistrigulatus
Dacus bivittatus
Dacus blepharogaster
Dacus bogorensis
Dacus bombastus
Dacus botianus
Dacus brachus
Dacus breviaculeus
Dacus brevipes
Dacus brevis
Dacus brevistriga
Dacus brevistylus
Dacus bulliferus
Dacus caliginosus
Dacus calirayae
Dacus calumniatus
Dacus capillaris
Dacus carbonarius
Dacus carnesi
Dacus carvalhoi
Dacus caryeae
Dacus caudatus
Dacus ceropegiae
Dacus chamun
Dacus chapini
Dacus chiwira
Dacus chrysomphalus
Dacus ciliatus
Dacus cilifer
Dacus citimus
Dacus claricognatus
Dacus clinophlebs
Dacus cocciniae
Dacus cognatus
Dacus collarti
Dacus concisus
Dacus concolor
Dacus confluens
Dacus connexus
Dacus conopsoides
Dacus contrahens
Dacus coracinus
Dacus correctus
Dacus crabroniformis
Dacus croceus
Dacus cucumis
Dacus cucurbitae
Dacus curtus
Dacus curvifer
Dacus curvipennis
Dacus cuspidatus
Dacus cyathus
Dacus deceptus
Dacus decipiens
Dacus decolor
Dacus decumanus
Dacus delicatus
Dacus demmerezi
Dacus denigratus
Dacus destillatorius
Dacus determinatus
Dacus detrudens
Dacus devia
Dacus devius
Dacus devure
Dacus diastatus
Dacus discipennis
Dacus discophorus
Dacus discors
Dacus disjunctus
Dacus dispar
Dacus dissimilis
Dacus distinctus
Dacus divergens
Dacus diversus
Dacus dorsalis
Dacus dorsaloides
Dacus drewi
Dacus dubiosus
Dacus dubisitatus
Dacus duplex
Dacus durbanensis
Dacus dyscritus
Dacus eclipsis
Dacus exigens
Dacus expandens
Dacus experta
Dacus expertus
Dacus externellus
Dacus facialis
Dacus fallacis
Dacus famona
Dacus fasciolatus
Dacus feijeni
Dacus ferrugineus
Dacus ficicola
Dacus figuratus
Dacus flaveolatus
Dacus flavicans
Dacus flavicornis
Dacus flavicrus
Dacus flavidus
Dacus flavipennis
Dacus flavipilosus
Dacus flavus
Dacus fonsicanus
Dacus formosanus
Dacus fraterculus
Dacus frauenfeldi
Dacus freidbergi
Dacus frontalis
Dacus fuliginus
Dacus fulvitarsis
Dacus fumosus
Dacus furcatus
Dacus furcifer
Dacus fuscatus

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