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59 definitions found for Dactylaria

Dactylaria belongs to:

Dactylaria consists of:
Dactylaria acicularis
Dactylaria affinis
Dactylaria ampulliformis
Dactylaria biseptata
Dactylaria candida
Dactylaria candidula
Dactylaria chrysosperma
Dactylaria clavata
Dactylaria clavispora
Dactylaria congregata
Dactylaria constricta
Dactylaria dactyloides
Dactylaria dasguptae
Dactylaria dimorpha
Dactylaria dimorphospora
Dactylaria echinophila
Dactylaria effusa
Dactylaria endophytica
Dactylaria eudermata
Dactylaria flagellata
Dactylaria fusiformis
Dactylaria gallopara
Dactylaria gallopava
Dactylaria gampsospora
Dactylaria gracilis
Dactylaria grisea
Dactylaria haptotyla
Dactylaria higginsii
Dactylaria humicola
Dactylaria inaequilatera
Dactylaria irregularis
Dactylaria junci
Dactylaria juncicola
Dactylaria lanosa
Dactylaria lepida
Dactylaria lunata
Dactylaria lutea
Dactylaria mitrata
Dactylaria monticola
Dactylaria mycophila
Dactylaria obtriangularia
Dactylaria oryzae
Dactylaria parvispora
Dactylaria polycephala
Dactylaria pseudoampulliformis
Dactylaria psychrophila
Dactylaria purpurella
Dactylaria pyriforma
Dactylaria pyriformis
Dactylaria quadriguttata
Dactylaria sahelensis
Dactylaria scaphoides
Dactylaria scolecospora
Dactylaria sporexamorpha
Dactylaria thaumasium
Dactylaria vermicola
Dactylaria zapatensis

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