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69 definitions found for Cypselurus

Cypselurus belongs to:

Cypselurus consists of:
Cypselurus agoo
Cypselurus albimaculatus
Cypselurus alienus
Cypselurus altipennis
Cypselurus angusticeps
Cypselurus antarei
Cypselurus antoncichi
Cypselurus arcticeps
Cypselurus atrisignis
Cypselurus bahiensis
Cypselurus brevipinnis
Cypselurus brevis
Cypselurus bruuni
Cypselurus californicus
Cypselurus callopterus
Cypselurus caudimaculatus
Cypselurus comatus
Cypselurus coromandelensis
Cypselurus crockeri
Cypselurus cyanopterus
Cypselurus exiliens
Cypselurus exisiliens
Cypselurus exsiliens
Cypselurus exsilieus
Cypselurus formosus
Cypselurus furcatus
Cypselurus gregoryi
Cypselurus heterurus
Cypselurus hewitti
Cypselurus hexazona
Cypselurus hiraii
Cypselurus hubbsi
Cypselurus hyperistius
Cypselurus katoptron
Cypselurus lineatus
Cypselurus longibarbus
Cypselurus melanurus
Cypselurus milleri
Cypselurus minos
Cypselurus monroei
Cypselurus multimaculatus
Cypselurus narassi
Cypselurus naresii
Cypselurus nigricans
Cypselurus nonsuchae
Cypselurus oligolepis
Cypselurus opisthopus
Cypselurus oxycephalus
Cypselurus pinnatibarbatus
Cypselurus pitcairnensis
Cypselurus poecilopterus
Cypselurus poeciploterus
Cypselurus poicilopterus
Cypselurus polyethmus
Cypselurus pulchellus
Cypselurus rufipinnis
Cypselurus simus
Cypselurus smithi
Cypselurus speculiger
Cypselurus spilonotopterus
Cypselurus spilopterus
Cypselurus spilurus
Cypselurus starksi
Cypselurus suttoni
Cypselurus unicolor
Cypselurus ventralis
Cypselurus vitropinna
Cypselurus zaca

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