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39 definitions found for Cyphocharax

Cyphocharax belongs to:

Cyphocharax consists of:
Cyphocharax abramoides
Cyphocharax aspilos
Cyphocharax festivus
Cyphocharax gangamon
Cyphocharax gilbert
Cyphocharax gilberti
Cyphocharax gillii
Cyphocharax gouldingi
Cyphocharax helleri
Cyphocharax laticlavius
Cyphocharax leucostictus
Cyphocharax magdalenae
Cyphocharax meniscaprorus
Cyphocharax mestomyllon
Cyphocharax microcephalus
Cyphocharax modesta
Cyphocharax modestus
Cyphocharax multilineatus
Cyphocharax nagelii
Cyphocharax nigripinnis
Cyphocharax notatus
Cyphocharax oenas
Cyphocharax pantostictos
Cyphocharax platanus
Cyphocharax plumbeus
Cyphocharax punctata
Cyphocharax punctatus
Cyphocharax saladensis
Cyphocharax santacatarinae
Cyphocharax signatus
Cyphocharax spilotus
Cyphocharax spiluropsis
Cyphocharax spilurus
Cyphocharax stilbolepis
Cyphocharax vanderi
Cyphocharax vexillapinnus
Cyphocharax voga

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