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37 definitions found for Cryptocanthon

Cryptocanthon belongs to:

Cryptocanthon consists of:
Cryptocanthon altus
Cryptocanthon andersoni
Cryptocanthon bochilae
Cryptocanthon borgmeieri
Cryptocanthon brevisetosus
Cryptocanthon campbellorum
Cryptocanthon chiriquinus
Cryptocanthon cristobalensis
Cryptocanthon curticrinis
Cryptocanthon denticulum
Cryptocanthon escobari
Cryptocanthon foveatus
Cryptocanthon galbao
Cryptocanthon genieri
Cryptocanthon gilli
Cryptocanthon howdeni
Cryptocanthon humidus
Cryptocanthon lindemanae
Cryptocanthon lobatus
Cryptocanthon lobipygus
Cryptocanthon medinae
Cryptocanthon montebello
Cryptocanthon napoensis
Cryptocanthon nebulinus
Cryptocanthon newtoni
Cryptocanthon ocosingo
Cryptocanthon osaensis
Cryptocanthon otonga
Cryptocanthon paradoxus
Cryptocanthon parvus
Cryptocanthon peckorum
Cryptocanthon pumilus
Cryptocanthon punctatus
Cryptocanthon rayonensis
Cryptocanthon solisi
Cryptocanthon urguensis

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