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28 definitions found for Corynespora

Corynespora belongs to:

Corynespora consists of:
Corynespora aterrima
Corynespora aterrimum
Corynespora biseptata
Corynespora calophylli
Corynespora cambrensis
Corynespora cassiicola
Corynespora cespitosa
Corynespora citricola
Corynespora foveolata
Corynespora garciniae
Corynespora litchii
Corynespora melongenae
Corynespora melonis
Corynespora obclavata
Corynespora olivacea
Corynespora proliferata
Corynespora pruni
Corynespora pseudolmediae
Corynespora quercicola
Corynespora siwalika
Corynespora smithii
Corynespora torulosa
Corynespora trichiliae
Corynespora vignicola

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