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26 definitions found for Coptorhina

Coptorhina belongs to:

Coptorhina consists of:
Coptorhina africana
Coptorhina angolensis
Coptorhina armata
Coptorhina auspicata
Coptorhina barratti
Coptorhina bicolor
Coptorhina davidi
Coptorhina forcipata
Coptorhina gomesi
Coptorhina granulifera
Coptorhina imitativus
Coptorhina klugi
Coptorhina nanus
Coptorhina nitefacta
Coptorhina nitidipennis
Coptorhina obtusicornis
Coptorhina optata parcepunctata
Coptorhina optatus
Coptorhina parva
Coptorhina punctata
Coptorhina pygmaea
Coptorhina saganicola
Coptorhina seminitida
Coptorhina subaenea
Coptorhina vicina

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