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19 definitions found for Coelotrypes

Coelotrypes belongs to:

Coelotrypes consists of:
Coelotrypes circumscriptus
Coelotrypes fasciolatus
Coelotrypes flavina
Coelotrypes hammersteini
Coelotrypes inumbratus
Coelotrypes latilimbata
Coelotrypes major
Coelotrypes nigricornutus
Coelotrypes nigriventris
Coelotrypes pallidus
Coelotrypes pulchellinus
Coelotrypes pulchellus
Coelotrypes punctilabris
Coelotrypes ripleyi
Coelotrypes secata
Coelotrypes setiger
Coelotrypes simplex
Coelotrypes vittatus

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