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25 definitions found for Clusiosoma

Clusiosoma belongs to:

Clusiosoma consists of:
Clusiosoma centrale
Clusiosoma centralis
Clusiosoma dami
Clusiosoma daruense
Clusiosoma funebre
Clusiosoma laterale
Clusiosoma macalpinei
Clusiosoma melanthe
Clusiosoma melanthes
Clusiosoma minutum
Clusiosoma nigricorne
Clusiosoma nigridorsale
Clusiosoma nigripenne
Clusiosoma papuaense
Clusiosoma partita
Clusiosoma partitum
Clusiosoma pleurale
Clusiosoma pleuralis
Clusiosoma pullatum
Clusiosoma puncticeps
Clusiosoma semifusca
Clusiosoma semifuscum
Clusiosoma subpullatum
Clusiosoma vittiferum

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