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27 definitions found for Cheilymenia

Cheilymenia belongs to:

Cheilymenia consists of:
Cheilymenia ascoboloides
Cheilymenia cadaverina
Cheilymenia calvescens
Cheilymenia ciliata
Cheilymenia cinnabarina
Cheilymenia coprinaria
Cheilymenia cornubiensis
Cheilymenia crucipila
Cheilymenia dalmeniensis
Cheilymenia erecta
Cheilymenia fibrillosa
Cheilymenia fimicola
Cheilymenia glumarum
Cheilymenia granulata
Cheilymenia luteopallens
Cheilymenia oligotricha
Cheilymenia pulcherrima
Cheilymenia raripila
Cheilymenia rubra
Cheilymenia stercorea
Cheilymenia stercorea f. alpina
Cheilymenia subhirsuta
Cheilymenia theleboloides
Cheilymenia vitellina

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