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68 definitions found for Calonectria

Calonectria belongs to:

Calonectria consists of:
Calonectria albosuccinea
Calonectria arcuata
Calonectria balsamea
Calonectria bambusae
Calonectria biseptata
Calonectria bloxamii
Calonectria brongniartii
Calonectria calami
Calonectria cerea
Calonectria citrinoaurantia
Calonectria colhounii
Calonectria crescentiae
Calonectria crotalariae
Calonectria cyanogena
Calonectria decora
Calonectria diploa
Calonectria discophora
Calonectria eburnea
Calonectria erubescens
Calonectria flavida
Calonectria floridana
Calonectria funicola
Calonectria gracilis
Calonectria graminicola
Calonectria guaranitica
Calonectria hederae
Calonectria helminthicola
Calonectria hirta
Calonectria ilicicola
Calonectria jungermanniarum
Calonectria kyotensis
Calonectria leightonii
Calonectria lichenigena
Calonectria luteola
Calonectria macrospora
Calonectria minutissima
Calonectria morganii
Calonectria muscivora
Calonectria nivalis
Calonectria nivalis f. graminicola
Calonectria ochraceopallida
Calonectria platasca
Calonectria plowrightiana
Calonectria pseudopeziza
Calonectria pulcherrima
Calonectria pyrochroa
Calonectria quinqueseptata
Calonectria reteaudii
Calonectria rigidiuscula
Calonectria spathulata
Calonectria sulcata
Calonectria sulphurella
Calonectria tessellata
Calonectria tetraspora
Calonectria theae
Calonectria transiens
Calonectria umbelliferarum
Calonectria uniseptata
Calonectria variabilis
Calonectria venezuelensis
Calonectria vermispora
Calonectria verrucosa
Calonectria xantholeuca

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