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37 definitions found for Bulimus

Bulimus belongs to:

Bulimus consists of:
Bulimus angasianus
Bulimus atomatus
Bulimus aurisfelis
Bulimus baconi
Bulimus beddomei
Bulimus bidwilli
Bulimus bivaricosus
Bulimus brazieri
Bulimus bulla
Bulimus cuniculinsulae
Bulimus dufresnii
Bulimus dux
Bulimus etheridgei
Bulimus histrio
Bulimus indutus
Bulimus inflatus
Bulimus jacksonensis
Bulimus kershawi
Bulimus kingii
Bulimus larreyi
Bulimus leeuwinensis
Bulimus macleayi
Bulimus maconelli
Bulimus mastersi
Bulimus onslowi
Bulimus ovum
Bulimus physodes
Bulimus ponsonbii
Bulimus quoyi
Bulimus rhodostomus
Bulimus sayi
Bulimus tasmanicus

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