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25 definitions found for Bdelyrus

Bdelyrus belongs to:

Bdelyrus consists of:
Bdelyrus amazonensis
Bdelyrus apaporisae
Bdelyrus boliviensis
Bdelyrus bowditchi
Bdelyrus braziliensis
Bdelyrus bromeliatilis
Bdelyrus geijskesi
Bdelyrus genieri
Bdelyrus gilli
Bdelyrus grandis
Bdelyrus howdeni
Bdelyrus iauaretensis
Bdelyrus lagopus
Bdelyrus laplanadae
Bdelyrus leptomerus
Bdelyrus lobatus
Bdelyrus metaensis
Bdelyrus paraensis
Bdelyrus parvoculus
Bdelyrus parvus
Bdelyrus pecki
Bdelyrus peruviensis
Bdelyrus seminudus
Bdelyrus triangulus

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