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64 definitions found for Armillaria

Armillaria belongs to:

Armillaria consists of:
Armillaria aurantia
Armillaria borealis
Armillaria boryana
Armillaria bulbigera
Armillaria bulbosa
Armillaria caligata
Armillaria calvescens
Armillaria cepistipes
Armillaria cingulata
Armillaria cinnabarina
Armillaria colossus
Armillaria constricta
Armillaria decorosa
Armillaria delicata
Armillaria denigrata
Armillaria echinocephala
Armillaria ectypa
Armillaria edodes
Armillaria focalis
Armillaria fracida
Armillaria fuscipes
Armillaria gallica
Armillaria gemina
Armillaria glioderma
Armillaria granosa
Armillaria granulosa
Armillaria haematites
Armillaria heimii
Armillaria hinnulea
Armillaria imperialis
Armillaria irrorata
Armillaria japonica
Armillaria jasonis
Armillaria laricina
Armillaria limonea
Armillaria lutea
Armillaria luteobubalina
Armillaria mellea
Armillaria mucida
Armillaria nauseosa
Armillaria novae-zelandiae
Armillaria obscura
Armillaria odorata
Armillaria ostoyae
Armillaria polymyces
Armillaria ponderosa
Armillaria raphanica
Armillaria robusta
Armillaria sinapina
Armillaria socialis
Armillaria sparrei
Armillaria straminea
Armillaria strobiliformis
Armillaria subcava
Armillaria tabescens
Armillaria ventricosa
Armillaria verrucipes
Armillaria vittadinii

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