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200 definitions found for Antidesma

Antidesma belongs to:

Antidesma consists of:
Antidesma acidum
Antidesma acuminatissimum
Antidesma acuminatum
Antidesma acutisepalum
Antidesma agusanense
Antidesma alatum
Antidesma alexiteria
Antidesma alexiterium
Antidesma alnifolium
Antidesma ambiguum
Antidesma amboinense
Antidesma andamanicum
Antidesma angustifolium
Antidesma annamense
Antidesma apiculatum
Antidesma arbutifolium
Antidesma aruanum
Antidesma attenuatum
Antidesma auritum
Antidesma baccatum
Antidesma bangueyense
Antidesma barbatum
Antidesma barbigerum
Antidesma batuense
Antidesma bicolor
Antidesma bifrons
Antidesma blumei
Antidesma boivinianum
Antidesma boridiense
Antidesma boutonii
Antidesma brachybotrys
Antidesma brachyscyphum
Antidesma brevipes
Antidesma brunneum
Antidesma bunias
Antidesma bunius
Antidesma calvescens
Antidesma cambodianum
Antidesma catanduanense
Antidesma caudatum
Antidesma cauliflorum
Antidesma celebicum
Antidesma chalaranthum
Antidesma chevalieri
Antidesma chonmon
Antidesma ciliatum
Antidesma cinnamomifolium
Antidesma clementis
Antidesma cochinchinense
Antidesma collettii
Antidesma comoense
Antidesma comorense
Antidesma comptum
Antidesma concinnum
Antidesma contractum
Antidesma cordatostipulaceum
Antidesma cordatum
Antidesma cordifolium
Antidesma coriaceum
Antidesma coriifolium
Antidesma costulatum
Antidesma crassifolium
Antidesma crenatum
Antidesma cruciforme
Antidesma cumingii
Antidesma curranii
Antidesma cuspidatum
Antidesma dallachyanum
Antidesma delicatulum
Antidesma densiflorum
Antidesma diandrum
Antidesma diepenhorstii
Antidesma digitaliforme
Antidesma discolor
Antidesma diversifolium
Antidesma eberhardtii
Antidesma edule
Antidesma elassophyllum
Antidesma elbertii
Antidesma erostre
Antidesma erythrocarpum
Antidesma erythroxyloides
Antidesma excavatum
Antidesma fallax
Antidesma ferrugineum
Antidesma filiforme
Antidesma filipes
Antidesma fleuryi
Antidesma flexuosum
Antidesma floribundum
Antidesma forbesii
Antidesma fordii
Antidesma foxworthyi
Antidesma frutescens
Antidesma fruticosum
Antidesma fruticulosum
Antidesma frutiferum
Antidesma fuscocinereum
Antidesma fusicarpum
Antidesma ghaesembilla
Antidesma gibbsiae
Antidesma gillespieanum
Antidesma glabellum
Antidesma glabrum
Antidesma globuligerum
Antidesma gracile
Antidesma gracillimum
Antidesma grandistipulum
Antidesma grossularia
Antidesma guineensis
Antidesma gymnogyne
Antidesma hainanense
Antidesma hallieri
Antidesma helferi
Antidesma henryi
Antidesma heterophyllum
Antidesma hiiranense
Antidesma hildebrandtii
Antidesma hirtellum
Antidesma hontaushanense
Antidesma hosei
Antidesma hylandii
Antidesma ilocanum
Antidesma impressinerve
Antidesma inflatum
Antidesma japonicum
Antidesma jucundum
Antidesma kapuae
Antidesma katikii
Antidesma kerrii
Antidesma khasianum
Antidesma kingii
Antidesma kotoense
Antidesma kunstleri
Antidesma kuroiwai
Antidesma kusaiense
Antidesma laciniatum
Antidesma lanceolarium
Antidesma lanceolatum
Antidesma lancifolium
Antidesma laurifolium
Antidesma ledermannianum
Antidesma leptobotryum
Antidesma leptocladum
Antidesma leptodictyum
Antidesma leucocladon
Antidesma leucopodum
Antidesma linearifolium
Antidesma litorale
Antidesma lobbianum
Antidesma longifolium
Antidesma longipes
Antidesma lucidum
Antidesma lunatum
Antidesma luzonicum
Antidesma macgregorii
Antidesma maclurei
Antidesma macrophyllum
Antidesma madagascariense
Antidesma madagascariense f. aporosum
Antidesma madagascariense f. trichophorum
Antidesma maesoides
Antidesma mannianum
Antidesma martabanicum
Antidesma maximowiczii
Antidesma megalocarpum
Antidesma megalophyllum
Antidesma meiocarpum
Antidesma membranaceum
Antidesma membranifolium
Antidesma menasu
Antidesma messianianum
Antidesma microcarpum
Antidesma microphyllum
Antidesma mindanaense
Antidesma platyphyllum
Antidesma pleuricum
Antidesma plumbeum
Antidesma poilanei
Antidesma polyanthum
Antidesma polystylum
Antidesma ponapense
Antidesma pradoshii
Antidesma praegrandifolium
Antidesma pseudolaciniatum
Antidesma pseudomicrophyllum
Antidesma pseudomontanum
Antidesma pseudopentandrum
Antidesma pseudopetiolatum
Antidesma puberum
Antidesma pubescens
Antidesma pulvinatum
Antidesma puncticulatum
Antidesma pyrifolium
Antidesma ramosii
Antidesma refractum
Antidesma reticulata
Antidesma retusum

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