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25 definitions found for Amphistomus

Amphistomus belongs to:

Amphistomus consists of:
Amphistomus accidatus
Amphistomus calcaratus
Amphistomus complanatus
Amphistomus cunninghamensis
Amphistomus fasciculatus
Amphistomus inermis
Amphistomus kukali
Amphistomus macphersonensis
Amphistomus montanus
Amphistomus monticola
Amphistomus opacus
Amphistomus palpebratus
Amphistomus pectoralis
Amphistomus primonactus
Amphistomus pygmaeus
Amphistomus respiciens
Amphistomus speculatus
Amphistomus speculifer
Amphistomus squalidus
Amphistomus storeyi
Amphistomus trispiculatus
Amphistomus tuberculatus
Amphistomus tuberosus
Amphistomus uncinatus

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