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21 definitions found for Amanitopsis

Amanitopsis belongs to:

Amanitopsis consists of:
Amanitopsis adnata
Amanitopsis albida
Amanitopsis argentea
Amanitopsis battarrae
Amanitopsis canarii
Amanitopsis ceciliae
Amanitopsis crocea
Amanitopsis friabilis
Amanitopsis fulva
Amanitopsis gemmata
Amanitopsis inaurata
Amanitopsis lividopallescens
Amanitopsis nivalis
Amanitopsis pachyvolvata
Amanitopsis plumbea
Amanitopsis punctata
Amanitopsis submembranacea
Amanitopsis umbrinolutea
Amanitopsis vaginata

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